Galway’s All-Star Record (1971 to 2022)

The Canning Brothers

We love All-Star history & stats here at All-Star Gazing, so in the run up the 2023 GAA PwC All-Star selections on the 17th November, we are taking a look at the All-Star roll of honour from 1971 to 2022, county by county.

Dual county Galway have an impressive All-Star record. 97 Hurling awards have been achieved by 49 Galway hurlers, while 29 Galway footballers have been selected achieving 43 awards.

The hurling All-Star roll of honour is led by Pete Finnerty, Joe Canning and Joe Cooney – each with 5 awards. 4 sets of brothers have become hurling All-Stars: Ollie & Joe Canning, Joe & John Connolly, Joe & Jimmy Cooney, Cathal & Pádraic Mannion. The Cannings were chosen on the same team in 2009.

In football, 3 players lead the way – Pádraic Joyce, Kevin Walsh and Michael Donnellan each having been honoured 3 times.

Five Galway players were chosen on the 1st All-Star teams in 1971. PJ Smyth was on the football All-Star Team in goals along with Jack Cosgrove, Liam Sammon and Séamus Leyden. Joe Connolly was selected on the hurling team.

43 Football All-Star Awards

1971PJ SmythGoalkeeper
1971Jack CosgraveFull Back
1971Liam SammonCentrefield
1971Séamus LeydonLeft Full Forward
1972Tommy Joe “TJ” GilmoreCentre Half Back
1973Liam O’NeillRight Half Back
1973Tommy Joe “TJ” GilmoreCentre Half Back
1973Liam SammonLeft Half Forward
1974Johnny HughesLeft Half Back
1974Tom NaughtonRight Half Forward
1974Johnny TobinLeft Full Forward
1976Johnny HughesRight Half Back
1981Séamus McHughLeft Half Back
1981Barry BrennanRight Half Forward
1983Stephen KinneavyFull Back
1984Séamus McHughLeft Full Back
1987Val DalyRight Full Forward
1990Val DalyCentre Half Forward
1995Jarlath FallonForward
1998Martin McNamaraGoalkeeper
1998Tomás MannionDefender
1998Seán Óg De PaorDefender
1998Kevin WalshMidfield
1998Michael DonnellanForward
1998Jarlath FallonForward
1998Pádraic JoyceForward
2000Declan MeehanDefender
2000Michael DonnellanForward
2000Pádraic JoyceForward
2000Derek SavageForward
2001Kieran FitzgeraldDefender
2001Declan MeehanDefender
2001Seán Óg De PaorDefender
2001Kevin WalshMidfield
2001Michael DonnellanForward
2001Pádraic JoyceForward
2003Kevin WalshMidfield
2018Ian BurkeForward
2022Liam SilkeDefender
2022John DalyDefender
2022Cillian McDaidMidfielder
2022Shane WalshForward
2022Damien ComerForward

97 Hurling All-Star Awards

1971John ConnollyCentrefield
1975Niall McInerneyRight Full Back
1975Seán SilkeCentre Half Back
1975Iggy ClarkeLeft Half Back
1976Joe McDonaghRight Half Back
1976Frank BurkeCentrefield
1977PJ MolloyLeft Half Forward
1978Iggy ClarkeCentrefield
1979Iggy ClarkeLeft Half Back
1979John ConnollyCentrefield
1979Frank BurkeCentre Half Forward
1980Niall McInerneyRight Full Back
1980Jimmy CooneyLeft Full Back
1980Seán SilkeCentre Half Back
1980Iggy ClarkeLeft Half Back
1980Joe ConnollyRight Half Forward
1980Bernie FordeRight Full Forward
1981Jimmy CooneyLeft Full Back
1981Steve MahonCentrefield
1983Noel LaneLeft Half Forward
1984Noel LaneFull Forward
1985Séamus CoenRight Full Back
1985Sylvie LinnaneLeft Full Back
1985Peter FinnertyRight Half Back
1985Brendan LynskeyCentre Half Forward
1985Joe CooneyLeft Half Forward
1986Conor HayesFull Back
1986Sylvie LinnaneLeft Full Back
1986Peter FinnertyRight Half Back
1986Tony KeadyCentre Half Back
1986Joe CooneyLeft Half Forward
1987Conor HayesFull Back
1987Ollie KilkennyLeft Full Back
1987Peter FinnertyRight Half Back
1987Steve MahonCentrefield
1987Michael McGrathRight Half Forward
1987Joe CooneyCentre Half Forward
1988John ComminsGoalkeeper
1988Sylvie LinnaneRight Full Back
1988Conor HayesFull Back
1988Peter FinnertyRight Half Back
1988Tony KeadyCentre Half Back
1988Martin NaughtonLeft Half Forward
1988Michael McGrathRight Full Forward
1989John ComminsGoalkeeper
1989Seán TreacyLeft Half Back
1989Michael ColemanCentrefield
1989Eanna RyanRight Half Forward
1989Joe CooneyCentre Half Forward
1990Peter FinnertyRight Half Back
1990Michael ColemanCentrefield
1990Joe CooneyCentre Half Forward
1991Seán TreacyLeft Full Back
1993Pádraig KellyDefender
1993Pat MaloneMidfield
1993Joe RabbitteForward
1995Michael ColemanMidfield
1996Tom HelebertDefender
1997Kevin BroderickForward
2000Joe RabbitteForward
2001Ollie CanningDefender
2001Liam HodgensDefender
2001Kevin BroderickForward
2001Eugene CloonanForward
2003Ollie CanningDefender
2005Ollie CanningDefender
2005Derek HardimanDefender
2005Ger FarragherForward
2005Damien HayesForward
2008Joe CanningFull Forwards
2009Ollie CanningFull Backs
2009Joe CanningFull Forwards
2010Damien HayesHalf Forwards
2012Fergal MooreFull Backs
2012David CollinsHalf Backs
2012Iarla TannianMidfielders
2012Damien HayesHalf Forwards
2012Joe CanningFull Forwards
2012David BurkeFull Forwards
2015Colm CallananGoalkeeper
2015Daithí BurkeDefender
2015David BurkeMidfield
2015Cathal MannionForward
2016Daithí BurkeDefender
2016David BurkeMidfield
2017Pádraic MannionDefender
2017Daithí BurkeDefender
2017Gearóid McInerneyDefender
2017David BurkeMidfield
2017Joe CanningForward
2017Conor WhelanForward
2017Conor CooneyForward
2018Daithí BurkeDefender
2018Pádraic MannionDefender
2018Joe CanningForward
2020Daithí BurkeDefender
2022Pádraic MannionDefender

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