Dublin’s All-Star Record (1971 to 2022)

Dublins All-Star Record (1971 to 2022)

The Brogan Family

We love All-Star history & stats here at All-Star Gazing, so in the run up the 2023 GAA PwC All-Star selections on the 17th November, we are taking a look at the All-Star roll of honour from 1971 to 2022, county by county.

Tonight it’s a big one Dublin. With 141 Football awards, Dublin are 2nd only to Kerry who have received 155 trophies. But the Dubs are catching up fast, having gathered 80 of those awards during their recent dominance period since 2011.

Stephen Cluxton and Ciaran Kilkenny are the most decorated Dublin All-Stars, having both been selected 6 times.

The All-Stars are a family affair in this county. The Brogan brothers Alan & Bernard have 7 All-Stars between them, and of course dad Bernard was also selected in 1979. All-Stars Barney Rock and Noel McCaffrey have also been joined in the Roll of Honour in recent years by their sons, Dean and Jack.

7 Dublin hurlers have been honoured. Liam Rushe was selected twice (2011 & 2013) so the county total is 8 Hurling All-Star awards.

Many people are surprised to learn that the 1st ever Dublin All-Star was a Hurler! Mick Bermingham was picked at Right Full Forward on the 1st All-Star team in 1971.

8 Hurling All-Star Awards

1971Mick BerminghamRight Full Forward
1990Brian McMahonFull Forward
2009Alan McCrabbeMidfielders
2011Gary MaguireGoalkeeper
2011Liam RusheMidfielders
2013Peter KellyFull Backs
2013Liam RusheHalf Backs
2013Danny SutcliffeHalf Forwards

141 Football All-Star Awards

1974Paddy CullenGoalkeeper
1974Seán DohertyFull Back
1974Robbie KelleherLeft Full Back
1974Paddy ReillyRight Half Back
1974David HickeyLeft Half Forward
1974Jimmy KeaveneyFull Forward
1975Gay O’DriscollRight Full Back
1975Robbie KelleherLeft Full Back
1975Anton O’TooleLeft Full Forward
1976Paddy CullenGoalkeeper
1976Kevin MoranCentre Half Back
1976Brian MullinsCentrefield
1976Anton O’TooleRight Half Forward
1976Tony HanahoeCentre Half Forward
1976David HickeyLeft Half Forward
1976Bobby DoyleRight Full Forward
1977Paddy CullenGoalkeeper
1977Gay O’DriscollRight Full Back
1977Robbie KelleherLeft Full Back
1977Tommy DrummRight Half Back
1977Pat O’NeillLeft Half Back
1977Brian MullinsCentrefield
1977Anton O’TooleRight Half Forward
1977Bobby DoyleRight Full Forward
1977Jimmy KeaveneyFull Forward
1978Robbie KelleherLeft Full Back
1978Tommy DrummRight Half Back
1978Jimmy KeaveneyFull Forward
1979Paddy CullenGoalkeeper
1979Tommy DrummRight Half Back
1979Bernard Brogan SnrCentrefield
1983Pat CanavanRight Half Back
1983Tommy DrummCentre Half Back
1983Barney RockRight Half Forward
1983Joe McNallyLeft Full Forward
1984John O’LearyGoalkeeper
1984PJ BuckleyLeft Half Back
1984Barney RockRight Half Forward
1985John O’LearyGoalkeeper
1985Gerry HarganFull Back
1985Barney RockRight Half Forward
1985Tommy ConroyCentre Half Forward
1987Kieran DuffLeft Half Forward
1988Mick KennedyLeft Full Back
1988Noel McCaffreyCentre Half Back
1988Kieran DuffLeft Half Forward
1989Gerry HarganFull Back
1991Mick DeeganRight Full Back
1991Tommy CarrRight Half Back
1991Keith BarrCentre Half Back
1992Paul CurranDefender
1992Eamonn HeeryDefender
1992Vinny MurphyForward
1993John O’LearyGoalkeeper
1993Dermot DeasyDefender
1993Charlie RedmondForward
1994John O’LearyGoalkeeper
1994Jack SheedyMidfield
1994Charlie RedmondForward
1995John O’LearyGoalkeeper
1995Paul CurranDefender
1995Keith BarrDefender
1995Brian StynesMidfield
1995Dessie FarrellForward
1995Paul ClarkeForward
1995Charlie RedmondForward
1996Paul CurranDefender
1999Ciarán WhelanMidfield
2001Coman GogginsDefender
2002Stephen CluxtonGoalkeeper
2002Paddy ChristieDefender
2002Ray CosgroveForward
2006Stephen CluxtonGoalkeeper
2006Alan BroganHalf Forwards
2007Stephen CluxtonGoalkeeper
2007Barry CahillHalf Backs
2007Ciarán WhelanMidfielders
2007Alan BroganHalf Forwards
2008Shane RyanMidfielders
2010Bernard Brogan JnrFull Forwards
2011Stephen CluxtonGoalkeeper
2011Kevin NolanHalf Backs
2011Michael Darragh MacauleyMidfielders
2011Alan BroganHalf Forwards
2011Paul FlynnHalf Forwards
2011Bernard Brogan JnrFull Forwards
2012Paul FlynnHalf Forwards
2013Stephen CluxtonGoalkeeper
2013Rory O’CarrollFull Backs
2013Cian O’SullivanHalf Backs
2013Michael Darragh MacauleyMidfielders
2013Paul FlynnHalf Forwards
2013Bernard Brogan JnrFull Forwards
2014James McCarthyHalf Backs
2014Paul FlynnHalf Forwards
2014Diarmuid ConnollyHalf Forwards
2015Rory O’CarrollDefender
2015Philly McMahonDefender
2015Cian O’SullivanDefender
2015Jack McCaffreyDefender
2015Brian FentonMidfield
2015Ciarán KilkennyForward
2015Bernard Brogan JnrForward
2016Jonny CooperDefender
2016Philly McMahonDefender
2016Brian FentonMidfield
2016Diarmuid ConnollyForward
2016Ciarán KilkennyForward
2016Dean RockForward
2017Michael FitzsimonsDefender
2017Cian O’SullivanDefender
2017Jack McCaffreyDefender
2017James McCarthyMidfield
2017Dean RockForward
2017Con O’CallaghanForward
2017Paul MannionForward
2018Jonny CooperDefender
2018James McCarthyDefender
2018Jack McCaffreyDefender
2018Brian FentonMidfield
2018Brian HowardMidfield
2018Paul MannionForward
2018Ciarán KilkennyForward
2019Stephen CluxtonGoalkeeper
2019Michael FitzsimonsDefender
2019Brian HowardDefender
2019Jack McCaffreyDefender
2019Brian FentonMidfield
2019Paul MannionForward
2019Con O’CallaghanForward
2020Michael FitzsimonsDefender
2020James McCarthyDefender
2020John SmallDefender
2020Eoin MurchanDefender
2020Brian FentonMidfield
2020Niall ScullyForward
2020Ciarán KilkennyForward
2020Con O’CallaghanForward
2020Dean RockForward
2021Ciarán KilkennyForward
2022Ciarán KilkennyForward

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