Aidan O'Shea views 1971 All-Stars

Mayo’s 3-time All-Star Aidan O’Shea shares his thoughts in All-Star Gazing, the book that commemorates 50 years of the GAA All-stars.

Aidan O’Shea spoke to co-authors Moira Dunne & Eileen Dunne about what it means to be an All-Star. “Everyone wants to be an All-Star. When you start out, you want to win one, then you get greedy. I am proud that my three awards are all in different positions”.

Aidan was the first All-Star from his club Breaffy. “The club is only about 60 years old, so that was very important for me. They have pictures up in the club, of me receiving the awards at the banquets”.

“I grew up watching Kerry, as Mayo weren’t winning much in those days. My dad had the All-Star posters around the house. Mike Frank Russell was a hero. When I saw them winning All-Stars, I wanted to emulate those guys”.

Speaking about the All-Star banquet Adian shared, “at my first banquet, I was sitting beside Paul Galvin, who had won Footballer of the Year. It was before he was into fashion, but I remember him asking me about my suit and where I got it. He was telling me he just got his in Tullamore on the way up. I remember Tom O’Sullivan was wearing gold shoes that night on stage! The banquets are a great occasion.”

Looking at the All-Star Roll of Honour for Mayo, Aidan reflected, “I am proud too that this generation of players has multiplied the number of Mayo All-Stars significantly. Hopefully, it will inspire a young generation in Mayo”.

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